Carlos Carbajosa Fernández, Architect Director of Ámbito Arquitectura, says: “I am delighted to announce that I will be joining Sevilla City One as head of Ámbito Arquitectura. This architecture and urban planning firm, which has a presence in Spain and is expanding into countries such as Morocco, Angola and Peru, is also joining the partners of this initiative.

“Sevilla City One’s commitment is to promote sustainable and balanced urban growth that improves the quality of life of its inhabitants and respects the environment, in order to create a city of reference. This is in line with our working philosophy, in which we can contribute to enriching this initiative with the experience and knowledge we have acquired over the years,” he says.

“At Ámbito Arquitectura we are committed to sustainable development, innovation and excellence in design. Through our participation in Sevilla City One, we want to strengthen Seville’s image as an architectural reference and promote the city’s growth at a national and international level”.

About Ámbito Arquitectura

Ámbito Arquitectura is an architecture and urban planning firm directed by Carlos Carbajosa Fernández, with offices in Seville and Madrid, and an international presence in countries such as Angola, Morocco and Peru. It covers all the phases of architectural and urban intervention in the territory, from management and planning to urbanisation and the physical materialisation or construction of the architectural project.

It was founded with the aim of not being a traditional architectural firm, but without losing the identity of architects and with special care in the design of its buildings, it goes a step further in the conception and subsequent definition of the project and the control of the works, without forgetting the support of experience in the viability of the project in relation to the agents involved in it.

In its various departments, it develops planning and development projects, urbanisation and construction projects, including all phases of the project, interior design and construction management.

Its projects cover most sectors of activity, with a greater presence in the residential, tertiary and care sectors. In each project, they strive to achieve quality contemporary architecture, combining architectural values with the real estate and functional interests of the client, thus making their investments profitable. They try to give all their projects a high level of development and definition, constantly searching for technological and design solutions that give added value and identity to their projects and works. Always with the aim of ensuring that their architecture has an intense