Sevilla City One continues to add support and synergies with different companies and businesses that have decided to be part of this initiative. Among them is Diglo, a real estate services company that has technology and digitalisation as two of its main pillars.

Enrique Arnoso, CEO of Diglo, stresses the importance of being part of this project, asserting that “we want to contribute to the change and raise the profile of Seville, the capital of southern Spain, as a prime destination for national and international investment. After joining Sevilla City One, we have new ambitions, together with the rest of the main promoters in the sector and the public administrations. We want to make Seville the great centre of change for the climate change, under the principle of sustainable development for its residential, industrial, logistical and tertiary growth”.

About Diglo

Diglo is the real estate service provider that aims to disrupt the sector thanks to technology and digitalisation, key pillars for offering a hyper-personalised service to its clients. Part of the Santander Group, it has a portfolio of assets under management worth more than 5,000 million euros and is the only company in the local market that does not have a foreign investment fund among its shareholders.

The company has more than 150 employees throughout Spain, a highly specialised and experienced team. Its strategy revolves around a culture based on a global vision of asset management and the provision of services to third parties focused on objectives, the support of technology and business intelligence to achieve efficiency and agility and, finally, the continuous re-engineering of processes to transform real estate services.