Unia Arquitectos joins Sevilla City One to promote and support this initiative, which aims to place Seville at the centre of international investment and growth.

Manuel Reyes Barraza, CEO of Unia Arquitectos, emphasises that “Seville must continue to be an economic engine, a welcoming point and a place for companies to grow. Joining Sevilla City One is a way of supporting the future of our city and making our region a national leader, together with companies whose sole objective is to make Seville a focal point for attracting investment. Our company is committed to ensuring that the major projects that are carried out are designed using criteria based on sustainability and processes that reduce environmental impact. We need to join this boat and row together towards the GREAT SEVILLE”.

About Unia Arquitectos

Unia Arquitectos has offices in Seville, Cordoba and Madrid. It has more than 20 years of combined experience. During this time they have developed residential, hotel, institutional, educational, geriatric, health, industrial and interior design projects, both new and refurbished.

Their working method, based on BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology, allows them to develop solutions that optimise the client’s resources and reduce energy consumption during the construction phase and throughout the life of the building.