Sevilla City One has the Port of Seville as one of the Silver Partners supporting the initiative.

“From the Port of Seville, we are promoting a series of urban planning actions to improve and intensify its relationship with the city. We want Seville to embrace the port through the new Port Urban District. A 40-hectare area where port facilities and urban services will coexist. A modern, green, innovative and accessible space. We have designed a unique environment for the city, where economic activity, leisure, housing and sustainable activities all have their place,” says Rafael Carmona Ruiz, President of the Seville Port Authority.

“We believe that presenting the Port Urban District at an event such as Sevilla City One can be a great opportunity for the property sector to learn about the powerful development we are promoting in the southern part of the city. An urban regeneration 100 years after the construction of this enclave. A re-qualification to link the Port of Seville, its history, the memory of the Latin American Exposition, with the new uses that we are going to bring to this new urban area,” he adds.

About the Port of Seville

The Port of Seville is the only inland seaport in Spain. It is located in one of the country’s most important metropolitan areas, with more than one and a half million inhabitants in the surrounding area, and in the freight generating centre of the south of the peninsula. It is a fully multimodal port, with sea and land connections, and its 850 hectares provide a large area for logistical and industrial development.

A strategic enclave for the European Union, it has six concessionary port terminals and three public docks, more than 4,000 metres of mooring, one million square metres of warehouses and a cruise terminal in the centre of the city. The area around the Port of Seville brings together 200 companies, more than 23,000 jobs and an economic impact of more than 1,100 million euros.