The 2nd International Conference of Seville City One, a public-private partnership initiative, will be held on 28 November at the Seville Conference and Exhibition Centre (FIBES), thanks to the collaboration of Seville City Council with the civil society initiative.

The president of Sevilla City One, Pedro Salvador, thanked “the close collaboration of Seville City Council for the celebration of a second edition of the International Conference, which in the last edition brought together more than 600 participants, with the presence of national and international investors”.

For his part, the Councillor for Cartuja, Innovative Parks, Employment, Economy, Commerce and Consumer Affairs of Seville City Council, Manuel Pimentel, expressed his support for the initiative, which “must go hand in hand with public collaboration to position Seville and its metropolitan area as a benchmark in the processes of sustainable urban transformation in order to attract investment”.

Salvador stressed that Seville and its metropolis “are at a moment of opportunity, as the EU has designated it as one of the one hundred cities to meet the global challenge of climate neutrality as a goal by 2030, a perfect opportunity to turn our metropolis into an engine for sustainable development, for the promotion of innovation and technology scenarios, and for business collaboration”.