One of the first companies to join the Sevilla City One initiative is Bufete Prado, a law firm with more than 25 years’ experience in providing legal services, specialising in real estate, urban planning and environmental law. They work closely with clients to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and promote responsible and sustainable business practices, which is one of the reasons for this synergy with the project.

Manuel Rodríguez-Sañudo Pérez, lawyer and partner at Bufete Prado, points out that “Seville must be a city that leads initiatives and projects that promote responsible urban growth that respects the environment”. From Bufete Prado’s point of view, they want to emphasise that “given the increased awareness of sustainability and environmental protection, we are committed to urban planning that preserves the natural environment, seeking legal solutions that benefit both the people of Seville and the territory”.

About Bufete Prado

Bufete Prado is a law firm with more than 25 years’ experience in providing legal services, specialising in property, town planning and environmental law.

They advise on the planning and execution of real estate and urban development projects, expropriations, licensing, land management and all aspects of urban planning. With in-depth knowledge of urban planning legislation, they offer sound legal solutions adapted to the needs of each client. They advise companies, organisations and individuals on environmental legislation, obtaining environmental permits and licences, waste management, biodiversity protection and other matters.

It is a firm that stands out for its professional ethics, its commitment to excellence and its personalised approach, building lasting professional relationships based on transparency, confidentiality and efficiency.