In the development of the Spanish Constitution, the Regional Government of Andalusia began the configuration of the Andalusian Knowledge System from the very beginning. In 1984, the Science Policy Programme was created, the true forerunner of the Andalusian Research Plan and its subsequent developments. The Andalusian Science Law 16/2007 marked the beginning of the current Andalusian Knowledge System, as well as the legislative support for the birth of the Andalusian Academy of Regional Science ACACR.

The foundations of any economic policy of growth and harmonious development imply the support of science and research, of scientific policy. The Statute of Autonomy establishes as one of the basic objectives to be developed by the Autonomous Community the integral development (industrial, technological, etc.) based on innovation, scientific research, public and private entrepreneurial initiatives, among others, as a basis for the harmonious growth of Andalusia.

The Andalusian Academy of Regional Science, in accordance with its founding objectives, is at the service of economic and social development initiatives whenever it is called upon to do so, as in the case of Seville City One, a civil society initiative that aims to position the SEVILLE brand as a reference for the urban transformation processes of its metropolitan area and whose main objective is to attract the interest of industrial investors in a highly international context. In other words, the Andalusian Academy of Regional Science supports and promotes the objectives of Seville City One, disseminating and participating in this activity of great importance for Seville and its metropolitan area, but also for Andalusia and Spain.

The Metropolitan Area of Seville, capital of Southern Europe, needs projects such as those presented by Sevilla City One for its progress. The channelling of investment into emerging sectors represents a great opportunity for the success of the sustainable development policy of Seville as a metropolis of the south, and therefore for Andalusia. Seville, 11 October 2023 José Vallés Ferrer, President of ACACR/CDP