Sevilla City One has added MB3 as one of its partners. MB3 is a technology consultancy firm specialising in the development of smart cities and territories, with extensive experience throughout Spain. In addition to planning, they are committed to sustainability and digitalisation, based on their experience in urban and regional planning, through the analysis, visualisation and prediction of the data they provide, using big data or artificial intelligence techniques.

“MB3 shows that Sevilla City One comes to respond to the new needs and challenges that the United Nations has set for us, the rural-urban link and the metropolitan development of cities. We are facing a certain future, with a significant increase in the use of technology and the need to respond to the challenges of sustainability and responsible use of resources, so not only companies must adapt to this change, but in general all the actors in the ecosystem that make up cities and territories,” explains Francisco Morcillo, CEO of MB3.

He also stresses that “Seville is a city that is sensitive to territorial development, with a firm commitment to changing the model of our cities, and this should be extendable to other cities around the world; its participation in the Smart Cities Challenge (ICC), an initiative of the European Commission that supports European cities in the green and digital transition of their local economies, and other public-private initiatives and local challenges, will serve as a reference to initiate the debate on the need to change the urban model”.

MB3 is made up of a large team of professionals, architects, geographers, analysts, data scientists and programmers who develop a 360° process in the digital transformation of cities and territories and the private companies that operate in them, ranging from consultancy, functional analysis and analytical translation, to the development of use cases and the implementation of dynamisation, with experience in participating in innovation hubs for the development of private initiatives and the promotion of public intra-entrepreneurship.

About MB3

MB3 is a technology consultancy that provides a complete and global service of consultancy, development and integration of smart city systems. It has extensive experience in the public sector and in the industry of Smart Cities, Territories and Destinations, with a deep specialisation and knowledge in the strategy, planning and sustainability of tourist destinations, as well as in the participation in project offices specialised in Digital Transformation and Business Intelligence for Smart City projects and, more specifically, in the extraction, analysis, prediction and visualisation of data, which gives it a broad vision of the technical and cultural needs in change management in the digitisation of Smart Destinations.