LAE HOMES, the real estate division of the LAE Group, has become a partner in Sevilla City One, Metropolis of Southern Europe.

Joaquín de los Reyes, Operations Director of LAE HOMES, points out that “Sevilla City One is a strategic initiative to position the city internationally as a benchmark for efficient urban growth. LAE HOMES, a national real estate agency with offices in Seville, could not fail to support this project, which will contribute to making Seville a model where two key concepts come together: sustainability and economic competitiveness”.

For her part, Ainara Gómez, the company’s Operations Director, adds that “LAE HOMES, as a new real estate concept, has in its DNA to work in a network, in collaboration with different prescribers and collaborators in the places where it operates. In this case, different sectors are involved in the project with the same objective: to achieve efficient urban growth in the city of Seville. The entire LAE HOMES team will work to contribute to such an ambitious initiative.


LAE HOMES is the real estate division of GRUPO LAE, an established real estate agency throughout Spain with a different model based on working with Chartered Property Administrators. In addition, it has certain advantages that add value to its clients, such as valuation, home staging, access to notarial arbitration…

But what really makes LAE HOMES different is the professionalism and excellence of its professionals; a different agency, born with the vocation of offering its various partners and clients a unique and exclusive service that exceeds their expectations. Luxury within everyone’s reach.

LAE HOMES has a wide range of properties with different characteristics; exclusive properties, selected by our team of professionals and with the advantages of our agency; new developments, where you will find the latest developments in the sector and, finally, other properties, where you can see a varied catalogue of properties that we put at your disposal.