Sevilla City One and Iberdrola Inmobiliaria have joined forces with the signing of a membership agreement to support this initiative, becoming one of the partner companies creating synergies to make Seville an international benchmark.

Juan Castellano, CEO of Iberdrola Inmobiliaria, explains that “Seville is currently one of the main poles of attraction for business investment, and therefore the real estate sector must respond in an orderly and efficient manner to what the city demands of it”.

“Iberdrola Inmobiliaria, as a major landowner in Seville and its metropolitan area of influence, trusts that all the actors involved in the city’s growth will contribute to it in an orderly and efficient manner, from the point of view of sustainability. In particular, in the impulse of the administrations directly responsible and in the participation of Sevilla City One in the same,” he added about Iberdrola’s commitment to Sevilla City One.

About Iberdrola Inmobiliaria

Iberdrola Inmobiliaria has an operating portfolio of more than 205,000 square metres and owns more than 3.5 million square metres of land for the development of residential projects – first and second homes – and tertiary projects, from offices to shopping centres and industrial warehouses.