The construction company Helipol, part of the construction and services group Rusvel, joins Sevilla City One as one of its partners.

José Luis del Río, managing director of Heliopol, points out that “HELIOPOL’s participation in Sevilla City One is a must because of our origins. Seville is the city where HELIOPOL was born and where it develops most of its activities, although we have a regional and national vocation. We believe that Seville’s growth horizon is currently limitless”.

“There is a lot to do. We want Seville City One to be the lever of progress that will place this great city among the most important European capitals. I believe that companies such as HELIOPOL can give the city a decisive boost so that, without losing our uniqueness, we can become the protagonists of a great sustainable future”, adds José Luis del Río.

About Heliopol

HELIOPOL is a construction company that stands out for the direct and personal attention it gives to its public and private clients. It is part of the RUSVEL construction and services group, which is its backbone and accounts for a large part of its turnover. It is a close-knit, agile company that always works in a transparent, honest and efficient manner. It is organised like a large construction company, but with the competitive edge of a family business with more than a hundred years of history.

In addition to Rusvel’s corporate services, HELIOPOL has a solid and efficient technical office with a large team of engineers and architects specialising in various fields, employing more than 80 highly qualified people.