Sevilla City One, Metropolis of Southern Europe, has the support of DPYA arquitectura. DPYA arquitectura is also one of the partners supporting this initiative.

“DPYA arquitectura wants to be present in the future of Seville and is proud to be part of ‘Sevilla City One, Metropolis of the South’. An initiative that builds the necessary bridges to realise all the potential of this wonderful city and its metropolitan area,” says Fernando Pumar López, founding partner.

He adds: “We believe that Seville is facing a unique opportunity due to the changes in living and housing models, and we are convinced that Seville City One will consolidate Seville as a prime destination for major investments and as a reference model in terms of urban development and sustainable business projects,” says Fernando Pumar, founder of the architecture firm.

Alongside Fernando Pumar López, partners Justo De la Paz de Leyva, Lupe Coronel Medina and Fernando Pumar Ortiz stress that DPYA hopes to bring sensitivity and experience in the integration of history and heritage with innovative, efficient and sustainable urban and architectural design and avant-garde actions.

About DPYA arquitectura

Multidisciplinary architecture and urbanism practice based in Seville, with extensive experience in the development of unique projects in historic urban, residential and tertiary enclaves throughout the country.

DPYA arquitectura approaches each project with an overall vision, achieving a balance between design and technical solvency that adds value to each project and highlights the unique virtues of each assignment.