Daikin, a leading provider of integrated air conditioning solutions, joins Sevilla City One as one of the initiative’s partners.

Francisco Fernández Luna, Daikin’s Regional Sales Office Manager, points out: “Seville and its metropolitan area are a key location for real estate development in southern Spain, and therefore for the air-conditioning business. Daikin is pleased to contribute, together with the other members of Sevilla City One, to the creation of more sustainable buildings that provide quality of life for people while respecting the environment, and this is reflected in each of our air conditioning projects”.

About Daikin

Daikin is currently the world’s leading supplier of total climate control solutions: air conditioning, heating and hydronic systems (chillers, air conditioners and fan coils). With 100 years of experience in manufacturing advanced, high-quality air conditioning equipment for residential, commercial and industrial applications, Daikin has more than 90 manufacturing plants around the world.

The company began operations in Spain in 1982 in response to the growing demand for high quality air conditioning equipment in both Europe and Spain. During this time, it has become one of the most important sales subsidiaries of the Japanese company.

Today, Daikin offers a wide range of solutions and services throughout Spain. Eight branches are responsible for bringing its products to every part of Spain. Daikin Industries is a symbol of cooperation between East and West, serving the needs of our customers in 150 countries