The year 2024 begins with new members joining the Seville City One project, the metropolis of Southern Europe. Among these first companies is Atrio, an architecture studio.

“The team that makes up Atrio, estudio de arquitectura, S.L. is particularly enthusiastic about the Sevilla City One initiative, which will undoubtedly give a boost to the necessary development of the city and bring together the energies and investments of the different actors that can position Seville as one of the reference cities on the national and European scene,” says Federico Arévalo Rodríguez, founding partner of Atrio.

Raimundo Molina Écija, also a founding partner of Atrio, explains that “we see the opportunity to join forces and participate with the administration and with civic and professional entities to coordinate ideas and investments that will enable the orderly, efficient and sustainable growth of our city”.

“Our extensive experience in the field of architecture can be useful in providing ideas and solutions to formalise the development of the city, which will receive a significant boost from Sevilla City One”. They add.

About Atrio

Atrio estudio de arquitectura, S.L. was founded in 2005, although the two founding partners, Federico Arévalo and Raimundo Molina, have been working together since 1991.

In all these years they have directed the design of a significant number of architectural projects of different types, both refurbishment and new construction, covering a wide range of typologies such as residential, hotel, educational, sports, etc.

Currently, Atrio, estudio de arquitectura, S.L. is made up of a team of professionals who give the company a remarkable capacity to face new challenges in the field of architecture and urban planning.