Aelca, the integral management company for real estate projects, has joined the international project Sevilla City One, Metropolis of the South, an initiative that aims to attract international investment by raising the profile of Seville and promoting more efficient urban growth, with the aim of achieving climate neutrality by 2030.

Francisco Javier de Oro-Pulido, CEO of Aelca, points out that “Seville is a priority as the economic engine of Andalusia, being a key city in the south of Spain and a reference point for urban development in the country. From Aelca, we want to support the city’s residential growth and the cultural greatness that it projects on an international level”.

“By participating in the Sevilla City One initiative and working together with the other leading developers and the main players in the sustainable urbanism scene, we will increase the city’s visibility and commitment at an international level,” he adds.

About Aelca

Aelca is a turnkey real estate project management company, founded in 2012, with a distinctive developer DNA and expertise that covers the entire asset cycle: project design, land management, marketing, after-sales and delivery.

It is a company renowned for its track record and professionalism, and its strategy is based on promoting, developing and marketing property products at all stages of the project, thus fulfilling its commitment to its clients. They are involved from the selection of the site to the design of the home and supervise the entire process to ensure that the result is exactly what the future resident expects.